If you have an inquiry, first, please check the FAQ. And if necessary, please submit the following information when you contact us.

Please note that we do not provide any answers regarding game secrets or game strategy.

Rideon Japan User Support

Products support information is here


iOS app support mail address


Android app support mail address

Depending on the setting, there are some phones that cannot receive the order confirmation mail from our company.

If you want to receive emails , please set it so that you can receive mails from "@rideongames.com" in the domain email reception options beforehand.


Android & iOS

I want to restore billing data.
Select "Restore purchases" from the menu "Others".
*You can restore only "Remove the ad".
I want to transfer the app data to new cell phone.
This app doesn't have backup and takeover features. Because we don't manage user account by a server.
Please transfer the data to your cell phone by yourself using common way of backup.
What are the corresponding OS?

We recommend AndroidOS 4.1version or later and iOS6.0version or later.

Even if it is the recommended OS, movement may be unstable by the use situation and the terminal specification.

How long does it take to recover a life?

It takes 10minutes to recover a life.