Adventure Master War


◆ Adventure Master War

  The game runs in real time even if you are not logged in.
Your task is to develop your city on the 5x5 grid.
The building in the city center is your castle.

The resources outside of town can be earned as time passes in the game.
Use the resources to build new buildings and upgrade existing ones.
Upgrade resource grids to increase productivity,

Build Barracks to hire soldiers.
Protect your city from enemy attacks,

You can send soldiers to attack rebel cities.
Attack to weaken rebel forces and take their resources.

◆ About Resources

  The areas around the city walls produce resources as time passes.
The four resources are "food" "wood" "stone" and "iron"

Production of food is deducted by the amount your army needs.

◆ About Command

Show the map around your city.
Click on icons on the map to see details.
Depending on "Info" points, you can see more details of rebel cities.
Manage your city.
You can spend resources to build and upgrade city facilities.
Display Hero stats and task progress.
You can hire up to 6 Heroes.
Check and manage your army.
Spend resources and time to hire and train new units.
Hired units must be fed.
Food production will decrease by the amount needed by your army.

You can trade resources with other players.
Resources can be traded at any agreed rate.
Merchants from each city will travel to it's counter part in the deal.
Each merchant can take 1000 resources.
You can spend Jewels to redistribute your resources.

Send your Heroes to quests to earn xp and gold.
Completing quests take real time.
Once the task is complete, Heroes take time to return to the castle.
You can purchase or produce items that aid your challenge.
【Buy】Buy powerful weapons with Jewels.
【Create】Spend Gold to make items.
      Item production requires real time.

Reports your progress against rebel forces.
Rankings of population, attack, defense, and loot.

◆ About Units

Different types of units each have 1 attack mode.
 Close Combat Units
 - A balanced hand to hand combatant.
 - A defensive unit strong against mounted
 - A defensive unit strong against
  long range and close combat units.
 - A highly destructive unit with low
  defensive ability.

 Long Range Unit
 - A long ranged unit.
 - A skilled archer.

 Mounted Unit
 - The fastest mounted unit.
 - The most destructive unit with high
  resistance towards magic.

 Scouting Unit
 - A specialized unit for scouting.
  No combat ability.
 - An expert in scouting.
  Has some combat ability.

 Magic Units
 - A unit who specializes in magic attack.
 - A defensive unit highly effective against
  magic attack.
 - A balanced magical unit.

 - A unit that can create a new city.
  No combat ability.

◆ About in game purchases

  Jewels are available for purchase in "Adventure Master War"

Jewels can be used for a number of different things.

・Reduce Build Time
Build and Level things up instantly.

・Reduce Unit Training Time
Finish training instantly.

・Redistribute Resources
Freely redistribute resources.The rate is 1 to 1 for all resources.

・Purchase Items
Purchase powerful items.


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