Adventure Master War


◆ Terms of Use

RideonJapan Inc will follow the following terms of use in running our service, "Adventure Master War."

◆ Payment

In Adventure Bar Story,virtual items are purchasable for real money.

The customer is responsible for all payments and taxes that arise form his or her account in Adventure Master War.

RideonJapan has the right to change the price of these purchasable goods at any time.

Unless there is a specific technical problem, RideonJapan has no obligation to refund purchased times.

◆ The following are prohibited.

The following are prohibited for posting on the official community, or posting about Adventure Master War on any other site or blog.

If these activities are reported, RideonJapan reserves the right to request them to be deleted or changed.

If such request are ignored, more dire consequences, such as account ban, will follow.

・Illegal activities, or activities that promote illegal activities.

・Interrupting other users' access, including but not limited to intentionally creating a high server load.

・Damaging other users.

・Posting images, words, or sounds that are violent, grotesque, or anything of offensive nature.

・Posting of images that have pornographic nature.

・Posting of comments that are of pornographic nature.

・Posting links to pornographic sites.

・Posting of images or words that promote suicide or drug use.

・Linking to dating sites and direct advertisement of such nature.

・Any sort of advertisement.

・Advertising or promoting pyramid schemes or pornographic products.

・Posting of someone's private information.

・Pretending to be someone else.

・Pretending to be a representative of a company or an organization.

・Collecting private information of our users.

・Inviting banned players.

・Other activities that are not acceptable based on good will and common sense.

◆ Disclaimer

・The customer acknowledges that Adventure Master War is still in a development stage.

 Customers will be denied access during maintenance.

・RideonJapan reserves the right to update the software at anytime, without prior notification.

・RideonJapan will not mediate problems between user unless there is an apparent violation of the terms of use.

 In either case, RideonJapan will not be held responsible for any damages caused between users.

・Posting materials that infringe up on the law, such as copyright, may be persecuted.

・Players' profile pictures are not of RideonJapan's responsibility. Each player is responsible for his or her profile picture.

・RideonJapan will not assume responsibilities for matters beyond RideonJapan's control, or for matters caused by unforeseen reasons such as natural disasters, war, terrorism, network issues, strike, lack or resources, and etc.

RideonJapan reserve the right to change or edit the above at anytime.
When edited, the terms of use will be available to read on RideonJapan's website.


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