Adventure Bar Story
(For iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)


Game Objective

Simulation Management Meets Full Scale RPG!

Cook with the ingredients gathered in your adventure. Serve customers and
win contests to Rank up Your Bar and trigger RPG events. Do you have what
it takes to analyze seasonal demand changes and combos?

Discover new cities and dungeons where you will find rare meat…err
…monsters and recipes!

Game Play Features

★Eat to Level Up!

Unlike most RPGs, the characters
in this game do not level up by
fighting monsters. EXP is gained
only through eating! Make enough
food for your customers and party
members. The better the food, the
stronger they get.


★Monsters for Your Main Dish!

Battles are the best way to get
exotic ingredients. Slice up a
dragon, and bring back its meat to
cook dragon steak! Steal its eggs to
make dragon omelets!


★400 Recipes

There are over 400 recipes in the
game! Completing the recipe book
will be a tough challenge. Lead
your party members to over 10
dungeons in the game to look for
rare ingredients!


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