Game Flow
- ①Stage Start Event - - ②Battle Mode -
Characters will move on the Stage map and the conversation window will be displayed during the event.

Tap the screen to send a message.
Turn-based battle mode.

There are different criteria for winning and losing each stage.
- ③Stage Results - - ④Unit Formation Mode -
Points earned in Battle Mode will be displayed.

These points are called SP (Skill Points), and are necessary to improve skills or upgrade classes.
Strengthen characters before the next stage, or buy/sell items before advancing in the game.

 How to Control

<Cursor Movement>
Touching the stage map will show the Virtual Pad.
Move your finger in any direction to move the cursor.
Move your finger all the way to the edge of the Virtual Pad to keep the cursor moving.

Tap the Confirm button on the bottom of the screen, or anywhere on the stage map.

<Cancel(Go Back)>
Tap the Cancel button on the bottom of the screen.

<Information Navigation>
Tap the Character Information window on the top of the screen.

<Switching Characters>
Tap the LR button on the bottom of the screen, or swipe left or right on the Character Information window on the top of the screen.

 Battle Mode

 The number of characters that can play is based on each stage.
 There are also cases in which some characters must play a stage.

 【Stage Criteria】
 Fulfilling all the victory criteria will result in a Stage Clear, while fulfilling the defeat criteria will result in Game Over.

 【Turns and Phases】
 Each turn consists of a player phase during which the player acts and an enemy phase during which the enemy acts.
 The current number of turns is displayed on the top left of the battle screen.

 【Command Menu】
 Open the command menu using the button on the bottom of the screen.

 【Position Bonus】
 Bonus based on character positions.

 <Direction Bonus>
 Attacking from the side or back increases accuracy and attack power.

 <Height Bonus>
 Attacking from higher ground increases accuracy and attack power,
 while attacking from a lower position has a negative effect.

 【Support Effects】

 <Attack Support>
 Surround enemies with allies to increase accuracy and attack power.

 <Defense Support>
 Surround yourself with allies to increase your evasion and defense powers.

 【Stage Results】
 Points are earned when a stage is cleared.
 These points are shared among the attacking characters as SP (skill points).

 <Enemy Obliteration Bonus>
 Accumulates proportionally to the number of defeated enemies.

 <Stage Clear>
 Base points earned for clearing each stage.

 <Quick Clear Bonus>
 Clearing a stage with less turns accumulates more points.

 <Treasure Discovery Bonus>
 Earned for each hidden treasure discovered on the stage.
 ※Free battle stages do not have treasure.
  Some story battles also do not have treasure.

 Formation Mode


Change equipment items in formation mode.

<About Equipment>
Which weapons and protective gear can be used depend on the character's class (occupation).
Only available items are listed in the equipment section.

<Set Equipment Effect>
Special effects can be achieved by combining certain items.


Use SP to master new skills and raise each character's skill level.

<SP and Skill Level>
The skill list shows the name of the skill, its skill level, and the number of SP required from left to right.
Unmastered skills' skill level shows as "SLv-".
There are two types of skills, those that require using MP to use the skill, and those that automatically take effect after mastery.


Use SP to change a character's class (occupation).
There are 3 class levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.
10 SP are required to become intermediate, and advanced takes 20.
There are also special occupations in the advanced class.
It is necessary to have a change occupation item, which is available at the shop, to change to a special occupation. Holding the item is enough.

 Status Info
EXP:Experience points.
MP:Magic power.
JMP:Height value.
MOV:Movement value.
SP:Skill point.
ATK:Physical Attack Power
DEF:Physical Defense Power
MAT:Magical Attack Power
MDF:Magical Defense Power
AVD:Evasion rate.
GRD:Shield defense power.
CRT:Critical hit rate.
Damage multiplier is shown inside parentheses when critical.
STR:Base ATK value.
VIT:Base DEF value.
INT:Base MAT value.
MEN:Base MDF value.
DEX:HIT, Phys-Atk, CRT.
AGI:affects MOV & AVD.
MPR:MP rec. per turn.

Fire Res.---Fire & heat def.
Ice Res.---Ice & cold def.
Wind Res.---Wind & Lit. def.
Earth Res.---Grav & Rock def.
Holy Res.---Holy def.
Dark Res.---Dark def.

▲Initial position

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